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Email Marketing

Communication still works

Email marketing is a useful and efficient marketing strategy as its easy to set up and can focus on specific categories. However, doing it wrong may get you to Google’s “naughty list” as a spammer and may even cause you to lose revenues. It's important that you carefully select who it is that you wish to take charge of your marketing strategy. Choosing the right partner to plan, execute and manage your email marketing program is vital.

Our Approach

The marketing specialists at Siva Computers have years of experience helping clients create highly effective and targeted marketing programs using email and text-messaging strategies. We don’t just dust out old and outdated email lists and start sending spams. Instead, a campaign manager from our team works closely with client personnel to strategically identify the target audience first. Then, because YOU, the client, know your business and customers best, we work with your team to design the most effective strategy.

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